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If you have a website, you’ve now gotten your report and can see how it’s performace is doing. I am sure this brings about a multitude of questions and you are wondering how to get from where you are now, to where you want to be. 

Marketing and Growth for your business, is highly dependent and centered around the focus of contractor lead generation. This is an incredibly complex process full of strategies/data/implementation and knowledge of what Google is not only expecting, but looking for, in our methods.

I’m not going to bore you with a bunch of technical jargon that likely doesn’t mean a whole lot to you. I am however going to explain the overall process of how this stuff works, because it’s make or break for your business to thrive. Marketing consists of many many avenues and campaign strategies, every one of them having the same targeted goal : Grow Your Business/ Bring In More Revenue/ Expand

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What Does My Business Need To Rank
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Google Business Page

A Google Business Page is a critical component to your success. 30% of the traffic that a website recieves should be coming from the Google Business Page. The key to achieving this is to get your GBP to rank in the Local Map Listings as high as you can. The 3 spots of the listings are the most critical, as this is what shows upon search results returning to the Google searcher. ( See Below )

The processes of optimizing a Google Business Page are ongoing, this is not a ‘one stop shop.” Once you have reached your desired ranking position, you need to be consistent in your efforts to maintain that spot. Remember you have competitors who also want that same spot and want the same traffic/leads. 

The conversions with your Google Business Page are HIGH, this is because the searchers that are directed to your Google page are looking for something NOW. They will likely make a direct call from the GBP to you, and this gives an opportunity to answer and immediately provide a solution for their need. *Answering the calls is KEY to this process as they will just move to the next if not.

Important Ranking Processes

Quality Business Website

A strong/quality website is the most important factor of your entire marketing plan. Your website is the “Home Base” or “Hub” that we will manage and link all further campaign efforts to. Ranking your website in the “Organics” section of Google is paramount. 70% of your Google traffic will come from this section if you are ranking on the first page for your targeted keywords. (See Your website is a piece of Real Estate and is a major digital asset to your company. Your website is so much more than an electronic business card, it creates your footprint in the digital world and brings exposure to your brand (Company). You have an amazing business, but if no one knows about you, then struggle is definite. 

Critical Factors In A Website

Search Engine Optimization

You’ve probably heard of SEO at some point, but may not have a firm grasp as to exactly what it is or why every marketer & fellow business owner is talking about it.

SEO= Search Engine Optimization

This is the process of getting traffic from the organic search results in search engines. Sounds like a piece of cake, doesn’t it? Nope. Not anymore. Once upon a time, all you had to do was find all the keywords that were most relevant to your business, put them, with all their variations, everywhere on your site, and Vwa-lah! You were sitting fancy in the search results. Nowadays, Google has developed and implemented tough algorithms. The best SEO strategies being used by skilled marketers today, revolve around focusing on a smaller set of “buyer intent” keywords combined with writing new, relevant content. In 2021, businesses spent $82 Billion on SEO. This is expected to increase to $90 billion in 2023. Smart business owners would not be spending that kind of dough on something if it weren’t critial.

SEO Benefits Are Countless

Contractor Marketing Services

Google Business Page

We offer everything from creation, verification, full – scale optimization and management, to ongoing relevancy ranking efforts. 

Website Development

We offer full website deveopment from the very beginning if you don’t have a site, to rebuilding & optimizing of your current. We only build high end WordPress sites. 

Search Engine Optimization

We offer every strategic method of SEO that exists. We are constantly sharpening our skills and refining our efforts to assure that we have the best practices in play.

CPC (Cost Per Click) Paid Ads

We offer paid advertisements on every platform. The most beneficial and suggested being Google paid ads. Local Service Ads (Google Guaranteed) are #1

Social Media Management

We offer every aspect of managing your Facebook Business Page. Creation, building your audience & following, consistent postings, & exposure boosts.

Analytics And Data Monitoring

We offer and automatically (w/ any SEO plan) manage and monitor your analytics. This means we continually track your progress and perfomance for all efforts.

Graphic Content Creation

We offer full design and creation of anything that you need to market your business. Everything from logo creation to flyers, promos, custom wraped vehicles, door hangers, employee ads +

Business Development & Structure

We empower business leaders & their  teams to scale their organizations. We will guide you beyond your stuck points. We will map out a Strategy & Execution Plan. We’re the “Gordon Ramsey” to contractors

Integration Of CRM Systems

We offer many different solutions to streamline your life & inner workings of your business. How much easier would life be in you had a fully automated system managing all your clients & schedules?

#1 Contractor Lead Generation Companies

Bryon Mcneil


Working with Premier Results Marketing has been the leg up that my small business needed. I've had my shop for about a year and a half now, and I was struggling to grab and hold a customer base. Amanda was extremely knowledgeable, and patient with me. She explained exactly what the team had done, why they did it, and how it was going to affect volume. Since working with them, sales have been up 13% !!!!

Ofelia Richard


Premier Results Marketing is an amazing company that literally gets the job done! Amanda is very astute in Digital Marketing analytics. Her strategy uses data to evaluate deep insights that optimizes your business and gets you a huge return on investment. Thank you for being exceedingly responsive to all my needs. I could not be happier with your personable and friendly service. Much love!!

Carlton Sweeney

San Diego

Amanda helped us all the way through. She was very thorough and explained everything to us in very simple terms. Not only she is knowledgeable, but her practical approach makes it very easy and a pleasure to work with. We recommend Premier Results Marketing without a doubt. Very glad we made the right decision. Nothing but continual growth coming ahead for our company.

Amanda Meyer

Owner / CEO

Pete Fabey

Enterprise Development